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Until we get another form or email address for you to contact the Craft/Womens group you can simply use this form to contact them or email and we will get it passed onto the right person.


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We have been made aware of issues in regards to people having un-official social media`s for ourselves. Here is a link to all our official social media pages:

Committee Contact

If you wish to contact specific areas of the Shed you can email the following ways:

Chairman Aldo M.:

Secretary Brian K.:

Treasurer Cameron K.: G

eneral Enquiries:

Please keep a note of this incase you need to get ahold of us.

Reception: 01387 460107

Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer: 07485904441

Workshop/Aldo M: 07485904442

Kitchen/Bronwen: 07485904443

IT & Social Media / Cameron: 07485904444