Dumfries Men`s Shed

Now open 5 days a week. (Mon - Frid) - We will close early on Wed. 20th Oct. (14:45 closing time)

Contact our leadership at the Shed or general enquiries

If you wish to contact specific areas of the Shed you can email the following ways:

Secretary Brian K: secretary@dumfriesmensshed.com

Treasurer Roy R: enquirys@dumfriesmensshed.com

Vice Chairman/Workshop Manager Aldo: workshop@dumfriesmensshed.com

Assistant Treasurer Cameron K: asst-treasurer@dumfriesmensshed.com

IT & Social Media Team: itdept@dumfriesmensshed.com

Please keep a note of this incase you need to get ahold of us. General enquiries should also be sent to: enquirys@dumfriesmensshed.com

Please put F.A.O and the persons name you are trying to reach. Thank you.